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Startup Forms and Templates

Company Formation

Articles of Incorporation

Company By-Laws

LLC Partnership Agreement

Business Development

Joint Venture Agreement

Letter of Intent

Letter of Destruction (for material covered under NDA or refund of digital goods)

Licensing Agent Appointment (exclusive)

Licensing Agent Appointment (non-exclusive)

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

OEM License Agreement

Service Provider Agreement

Business Planning

Model Executive Summary

Business Model Canvas

The Business Plan: Step-by-Step (unabridged)

The Business Pan: Step-by-Step (abridged)

Financing / Raising Money

Broker Engagement Agreement

Convertible Promissory Note

Due Diligence Checklist

Investment Term Sheet

Investor Escrow Agreement

Share Holder and Board Consent for Stock Offering

Simple Promissory Note

Stock Purchase Agreement-Investor Rights Agreement-Warrant Agreement Package

Stock Subscription Package (for investors acquiring stock in startup company)

Private Placement Subscription Agreement

Management / Operations

Bill of Sale and Assignment

Board of Advisors Charter

Agreement for Professional Services

Contractor Services Agreement (comprehensive)

Founder-Advisor Standard Template (FAST)

General Power of Attorney

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Marketing / Sales / Content

Alliance Partner Promotion and Distribution Agreement

Company-Product Style Guide

Content Development and Assignment Agreement

Copyright-Content Assignment Agreement

Creative Project Brief

Film-Photography Location Release Agreement

Finders Fee Referral Agreement

Graphic Design-Photography Services Agreement

Marketing Plan Workbook (unabridged)

Marketing and Distribution Agreement

Model Press Release

Model Sales Agreement

Online Store Reseller Agreement

Photo-Video Content Licensing Agreement (non-exclusive)

Property-Video-Photo Shoot Location Agreement

Software Licensing Agreement

Software Modification, Licensing, and Marketing Agreement

Talent Release Agreement

Text Licensing Agreement – Existing Work (non-exclusive)

Value-Added Reseller Agreement

Website Co-Branding Agreement

Hiring / HR / Team / Culture

At-Will Employment Agreement

Term Employment Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement (short form)

Direct Reports Weekly Review

Email and Voice Mail Policy

Employee Self Evaluation

Employee Evaluation of Manager

Employee-Manager Performance Review

Employee Handbook

Employee Time-Off Request Form

Employee Non-Disclosure and Assignment Agreement

Founder Employment Agreement

Job Offer Package

Stock Option Grant Agreement

Stock Option Plan and Exhibits

Non-Qualified Stock Option Plan (for non-employees)

Simplified Work-for-Hire Agreement

Travel Policy-Time Off Request-Expense Report

Product Development / IP Protection

Domain Name Lease Agreement

Domain Name Purchase and Sale Agreement

End User Software-Content Licensing Agreement (EULA)

Invention Assignment Agreement

Intellectual Property (IP) Assignment Agreement

Patent Application Process

Product Road Map and Functional Specification (sample)

Software Development and Consulting Agreement (short form)

Software Development and Consulting Agreement

Software Development Enhancements Addendum

Source Code Escrow and Trust Agency Agreement

System Development and License Agreement

Website / Social Media

Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Website Linking Permission Agreement

Website Development Treatment and Survey

Website Development and Maintenance Agreement

Website Construction Agreement

Website Advertising Agreement and Insertion Order

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