Stepping Stones

Actions and resources for launching a viable business. This guide contains sage advice and more than 200 links to best-in-class resources to successfully navigate each of the 12 stepping stones to launch a viable business.

Three Invaluable Lessons Taught

First, startup success does not happen in leaps and bounds. It happens in little hops. It’s a series of Stepping Stones. You will find in this guide the important hops. Your job is to hop from one stone to the next, then to the next…and the next….until you find yourself in business. But not just any business. A viable business. There’s a difference between starting a company and a viable business.

Second, just about everything you need to launch a viable business has been created. Just reach out and take them. Leverage the knowledge, tools, and short cuts that others have already blazed for you. Too many first-time entrepreneurs try to go it alone and reinvent the wheel. Assembled for you herein are the links to many of those resources. Take a deep dive off the steps you need more help with. Surface, then take the next step.

Third, the single biggest MISTAKE most first-time entrepreneurs make is working on the wrong things in the wrong order. They don’t focus on the most important and immediate next step. They try to jump too far ahead. They waste time, money, and energy on the wrong tasks. This guide presents the right steps in the right order.

Each Stepping Stone is presented in an easy to read format:

Quote: Sage advice from experts to reinforce the importance of the step.

Introduction: Offers some advice based on years of real-world experience. It sets the stage for what you should think about, decide, and then do.

Things to Think About and Decide: Offers suggestions on how to take the step. Think, Decide, Do.

Things to Do and Avoid: Offers a list of tasks and common traps to avoid. Also covers some best practices you may not have thought about.

Recommended Readings and Resources: Offers links to best-in-class books, tools, templates, web sites, and services that can help you start and build your business. This is the real value of this guide. These are your short cuts. Mix and match the readings and resources to create your personal blueprint for success.

Book Review

“Michael O’Donnell has a done a remarkable job rendering a complex process into a simple guide. What makes this a keeper and not just another “me too…” startup book is the thorough references. Organized into 12 critical stepping stones each is covered to help you understand the things required to consider and the potential traps. He refrains from going off in tangents but stays on the shortest path. If that isn’t enough to put Startup Stepping Stones in your library or to recommend it the detail research and resources is worth the price of it alone.

Mike doesn’t fill the book with words of opinion, it is concise and simply advises the reader to consider options and choices. He provides guidance ‘here are the steps if you want to be successful.” The reader makes the choice. This is so much like the “Boy Scout Handbook for Entrepreneurs” the basics and where to get more information. All solid links to make process of successful startup structurally sound.” ~ Paul S “Credential Free Identity”