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You think you have a great idea, or perhaps you are an investor contemplating an investment in someone you think has a great idea? We have been there many times as both entrepreneurs and investors. We pioneered a five step process that accelerates financing, improves decision making, and reduces risks. We offer three specific services on a fixed-fee basis:

Venture Assessment / Gap Analysis

We do a deep dive in the five areas critical to startup success: Product, Market, Team, Strategy and Economics. To get the specifics, download our Five Star Startup Whitepaper. It goes into great detail on what we look at and how we evaluate the viability of a new venture. You can use the paper to evaluate the venture yourself, but it’s difficult to be third-party objective when you are first-party active. If you would like an independent analysis and recommendations, you have come to the right place. This service isn’t free, but remarkably affordable — only $495 per module. We do it below our cost because we want to take the ride with you and hopefully help you on the tail end of the journey, when it is time to sell.

Founder and Team Assessments

You already know this…it all comes down to the team and their ability to execute. Is the founder cut out to be the CEO? How well do the co-founders compliment one another? Where are the conflicts likely to arise? What roles and skills are needed next? We are Authorized Partners of the internationally acclaimed Everything DISC and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.  We only wish we had these scientifically-proven evaluation tools when we were hiring people and trying to grow our companies. They would have saved us a lot of time, money and heartache. It’s not only the assessments themselves, but our coaching of what to do based on the results, learned from many years of hiring, firing and creating good cultures. These assessments are only a couple hundred bucks, but man, they will save you thousands in lost productivity.

Financing Options and Introductions to Investors

Financing is never easy to raise, no matter how good your deal might be. It can be a hugely time-consuming exercise that sucks the life out of founders and jeopardizes the important work of building the company. We’ve been there. We’ve raised tens of millions of dollars in new venture financing. We know all the angel groups and VC’s. We know all the crowdfunding platforms. We know the family offices and where to look for financing that most entrepreneurs do not know exist. Of course, we are not going to embarrass ourselves or you, by presenting a deal to investors before it is ready — thus the steps above. When we do make the intros, we can also help with the valuation discussion and investment terms. It needs to be a win-win for all parties, so everyone’s interests are aligned. Then the hard work of building a great company can really begin. We quote this service based on how much capital is needed, where we think we can find it, and what it will take to be successful in raising it.

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