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1This should come as no surprise, but most people are better off buying an existing business than starting one from scratch. We begin by understanding your goals, sector, size, location preferences, must-haves, and budget, then we go to work to find you businesses for sale that match your criteria. There are three flavors we offer:

IP/Team/Asset Acquisition

You might already be running a great company and looking for product-line extension, intellectual property, new talent, or other assets. You tell us (confidentially) what you are looking for, and we then scour our extensive network to see what interesting acquisitions might be a fit. We know companies that are not thinking of selling assets, but might be prime to entertain the right offer. We know companies that have technology they are not using and would be open to selling or licensing. Conversely, if you are looking to spin-out under-performing assets, we might know some people who would be interested in buying them.

Businesses for Sale by Owner

At any one time there are about 100,000 businesses for sale in the U.S. and certain foreign markets where we do business. Finding the good ones is like trying to find a diamond at the bottom of the ocean. We have access to all of the listings. We know what’s hot, we know businesses that are selling but are not listed, and we know those that are “on the market” confidentially. Whether you want to buy a business to operate, or to get an E-2 Visa, or as an investment, we can narrow down the options and find ones that match your criteria.

Franchise Opportunities

There are about 3,000 franchise opportunities in the U.S. alone. This is a great way to own a business. There are hot new concepts being introduced all the time. There are the tried-and-true franchises that have been around a long time, but are now making new territories available. We have the database and the relationships with most of them. We have an excellent process to help you identify which opportunities are right for you — then guide you through the discovery and licensing steps.

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