As we wind down 2015, I want to give a shout out to all of the aspiring entrepreneurs I have had the privilege of working with this past year. Those that are affiliated with Startup Quest, The Founder Institute, Gold Coast Venture Capital Association, Hispanic Unity Entrepreneur Summit, HealthBox, Unpitch, Startup Weekend, FloridaFunders, UberPitch, eMerge, FAM, FundingPost, Pitch6, MicoVentures, FIU Entrepreneur Club – and, whew, any others I inadvertently missed!

Cheers to all those who sent me business plans, pitch decks and bought me coffee.

Much gratitude to my com padre, Luis Duco, for bearing the major share of the load curating Startup Digest Fort Lauderdale.

A special nod to Bobbie Ayers at; Yeries and Patrick; Andre Melo at; and Steve Jones at, for bringing me into the inner sanctum and making me part of your extended teams. It’s been a blast working with all of you – the next generation of great entrepreneurs.

This one is for you and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere:

For every yes, there will be ten no’s,
for every high, there will be three lows.

For every wrong reason, there will not be a right,
for every decision, no black and white.

For every ounce of confidence, a pound of doubt,
for every dollar in, three will go out.

For every false start, there need only be one that is true,
for a good idea not pursued, denies the entrepreneur in you.

So enter the race with whom you are akin,
and when you stumble, get up and do it again.

Should you win and command the track,
Take your bow and give it all back.

~ To you and yours for continued health, happiness and prosperity,
Mike O’Donnell

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