Need a startup mentor? Mike O’Donnell and his extensive network of mentors assist founders to solve their most pressing issues:

  • Incorporation and Fictitious Name Registration

  • Achieving Product-Market-Fit and Building Prototype (MVP)

  • Market Segmentation and User Personas

  • Branding and Positioning

  • Recruiting Co-Founders and Team Members

  • Identifying and Working with Advisors and Mentors

  • Filing Patents and Trademarks

  • Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting

  • Strategy, Plan and Projections

  • Go-to-Market Best Practices

  • Raising Capital – Pitch Deck – Investor Introductions

  • Partnerships

Mike is a certified mentor for The Venture Mentoring Team, SCORE and The Founder Institute. He has access to literally hundreds of experienced entrepreneurs and professional service providers. Feel free to apply to these organizations directly, or schedule a call with Mike using the link below. 

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