DiSC for Startup Teams

Know Yourself! Know Your Team!


DiSC for Startups will help you discover:

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a founder?

  2. How do you hire people who balance yours skills, not duplicate them?

  3. How will your personality and behavioral traits help create your company culture?

Get your FREE Founder as Leader DiSC Assessment when you purchase at least one assessment for your co-founder or other team member. Includes a one-hour coaching session with Mike. $750 value for $175. 

Mike O’Donnell
Authorized DiSC Partner and Certified Coach

“Although I had previously completed the Myers Briggs assessment when working in a corporate setting, I felt the DiSC assessment resonated better with me, because the analysis was presented in terms that more clearly relate to a professional environment. One benefit of the DiSC assessment is being able to contrast yourself with another team member and get a profile of how similar your working styles are. The interesting point in my case, was that although my team member and I had almost duplicate profiles, the assessment provided feedback as to subtle differences in viewpoint that can help us work even better together! Really helpful.” ~ Rina Marotta


I’d like to first thank Michael O’Donnell for introducing me to the full DiSC Assessment. Many of us have dibbled and dabbled with scaled-down versions DiSC, Myers Briggs and other tests, to see where we fit in office cultures, church cultures and life in general. This version was very timely for me as I am a budding entrepreneur working to fit my business into my personal life. Understanding how I function has been a game changer, so much so I asked my husband to also take the assessment. Our lives will never be the same and neither will my business be the same. My husband and I did a comparative/DiSC Comparison analysis which has helped us to develop strategies that have made me a more effective business owner and made him a more effective supporter. I encourage any and everyone to do a DiSC assessment whether you are a business owner or not, you need a starting point to develop strategies for your success in life. Again, thank you, Michael! ~Jerilyn Ward


My wife and I recommend; or better yet, insist that all  partnerships take the DiSC assessment prior to proceeding with business practices. It does not matter if you’re husband and wife, brother and sister, or two crazy entrepreneurs. Don’t wait  until it’s too late, people need your business to work. So position yourself to succeed by utilizing each other strengths and weaknesses to work together. ” ~Karim and Melissa