DiSC for Startup Founders

Where do you fall on the DiSC Continuum? What is your natural leadership style? Where are you going to clash with your team mates and how can you work more productively with them? Your DiSC profile will answer these questions and help you grow as a company leader. 

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“Although I had previously completed the Myers Briggs assessment when working in a corporate setting, I felt the DiSC assessment resonated better with me, because the analysis was presented in terms that more clearly relate to a professional environment. One benefit of the DiSC assessment is being able to contrast yourself with another team member and get a profile of how similar your working styles are. The interesting point in my case, was that although my team member and I had almost duplicate profiles, the assessment provided feedback as to subtle differences in viewpoint that can help us work even better together! Really helpful.” ~ Rina Marotta, Founder, Bloom Pasta


 “My partner and I were having trouble running our  business. We were running into some leadership issues and we  began to get in each other’s way. Oh yeah by the way, I think it’s  a good time to mention that my partner is also my wife.

My wife and I just recently got married last year and we  decided to open a business. Little did we know that we would be  in need of some real help. One night in class, my wife mentioned to Mike that we were having issues in our business partnership  and needed help. So Mike set us up for a DiSC assessment where he would compare and analyze our strengths and  weaknesses as business partners. Though we needed help we were so stuck in our ways that we did not do the DiSC  assessment as advised by our Instructor. Instead we continued  on until one day we sat down and decided for the betterment of our marriage to just put the business on pause.

As we shared this with Mike he insisted we attend the last  two classes to finish the program. We agreed, and upon  communicating with Mike the issues we were having he again  mentioned that we take the DiSC assessment ASAP. We took the  DiSC assessment and Mike sent us back the results which was  followed up with a meeting.

The results were precise and despite what we thought about our partnership, we were extremely compatible business partners. This assessment allowed us to understand not only where we stood individually, but how we were to communicate with one another in order for the business to flourish. The results provided us with a graph, that was divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant represented strengths in specific character traits which allowed us to assign ourselves duties and responsibilities accordingly. Mike explained to us that we both lacked something from one of the quadrants as it was one  of our weakness. We grew concerned but he quickly advised to hire someone that had strength in that specific character trait.  This will allow us to hire the right employees even if we need to  learn how to work with them as we had to do with one another.  Furthermore the DiSC assessment helped us to communicate better in our marriage and for that we are truly grateful.

My wife and I recommend; or better yet, insist that all  partnerships take the DiSC assessment prior to proceeding with business practices. It does not matter if you’re husband and wife, brother and sister, or two crazy entrepreneurs. Don’t wait  until it’s too late, people need your business to work. So position yourself to succeed by utilizing each other strengths and weaknesses to work together. ” ~Karim and Melissa

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