What Does It Mean to Get a Good Opportunity?

The Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” It’s another way of saying we make our own luck. What surprises me is how many people prepare and prepare and prepare….and wait and wait…for the “right” opportunity. They wouldn’t recognize a good opportunity if it slapped them in the face. And then there are those people […]

Don’t Start a Business, Buy a Business

Why would you start a business when you could buy one, or at least many of the core components you will need, at a lower cost than starting from scratch? You wouldn’t, but most entrepreneurs still do. If at all possible, you shouldn’t start a business from scratch…you should buy one. This is also true of growing a business. It […]

Will Your Company (or your job) Be Around in 10 Years?

Some experts predict that 40% of the companies on the Fortune 500 won’t exist in 10 years. In one lifetime, 88% of the companies on the original Fortune 500 list are gone. Experts say the extinction rate is accelerating dramatically. In their report, “The burdens of the past: Report 4 of the 2013 Shift Index series,” Deloittesays the average life […]

Ageism In The Age Of Entrepreneurship

We live in a throwaway society and it is a sad fact that the first to be tossed in the pursuit of profit are people. And the most disposable people of all are workers over the age of 50. Unemployment figures show that workers over the age of 50 are not only the first to go, but they remain out-of-work […]

The Five Star Startup Finale: Timing and Alignment

This is the last article in the series….I promise! If you were gracious enough to follow along, we covered the five dimensions most startups are evaluated on by investors: Product | Market | Team | Strategy | Economics To wrap it up, I wanted to touch on Alignment and Timing – two variables that influence whether or not a startup […]