Increase the Value of Your Professional Network by 10X

Your professional network is one of your most valuable assets. Those in your network provide you with ideas, knowledge, skills, feedback, referrals and new business. Your network puts YOU on steroids — allows you to perform faster and better. Your professional reputation, effectiveness and ultimate worth, are directly proportionate to the value of your network. A 10X increase in the […]

How to Tell an Entrepreneur from a Wannapreneur

There are a lot of people running around these days calling themselves entrepreneurs. They introduce themselves as such at networking events. They include the title in their social media profiles. Some even put it on their business card and email signature line. Many of these people are not actual entrepreneurs, they are wannapreneurs. How can you tell the difference and […]

Name-Dropping No No’s

We all have occasions to drop the names of people we know when conversing with others. We might say something like, “Do you know Sally Smith? She really knows this space. You should check out her blog.” We might also drop the names of well-known and respected people, to enhance our stature or credibility when making a point. When giving […]

Ode to the Entrepreneurs I Know

As we wind down 2015, I want to give a shout out to all of the aspiring entrepreneurs I have had the privilege of working with this past year. Those that are affiliated with Startup Quest, The Founder Institute, Gold Coast Venture Capital Association, Hispanic Unity Entrepreneur Summit, HealthBox, Unpitch, Startup Weekend, FloridaFunders, UberPitch, eMerge, FAM, FundingPost, Pitch6, MicoVentures, FIU […]

Scarcity: The Most Effective Strategy for Selling Yourself (or Your Product)

In a world of consumerism and sameness, where just about everything is a commodity and plentiful, there is only one sure-fire strategy for selling yourself or your product: scarcity. It’s an easy strategy to comprehend, but a difficult one to implement. Scarcity is at the root of economics. It creates desire and, subsequently, demand. When someone or something is scarce…when […]

Ageism In The Age Of Entrepreneurship

We live in a throwaway society and it is a sad fact that the first to be tossed in the pursuit of profit are people. And the most disposable people of all are workers over the age of 50. Unemployment figures show that workers over the age of 50 are not only the first to go, but they remain out-of-work […]

Startup Team Symmetry

Symmetry is a beautiful thing. Things that are symmetrical exist in perfect harmony. Each part is proportional, equal and inseparable. No part is greater or better than the other parts. Such perfect balance exists in nature, but is difficult to replicate within man-made organizations led by ego-driven human beings with a need for power and control. This is one reason […]

The Five Star Startup Team

This is the fourth in a series of articles on what it means to be a Five Star Startup. In my first article, I explained the five dimensions that most startups are evaluated on. In my second article, I described the first dimension, what it means to have a Five Star PRODUCT. In my third article, I described the second […]