Three Criteria for High-Performing Teams

high performing teams

Every successful endeavor requires a good team. The bigger the endeavor, the bigger the requirement for a high-performing team. Startups flourish (or perish) on the performance of their founders and first hires. Corporations out-perform competitors because employees are their biggest assets. Sports teams become national champions because of the performance of their players. Non-profits and …

Admit It, You Don’t Have a Clue What You’re Doing

no clue

How Not to Kill Your Startup: 7 Self-Inflicted Wounds that can be Fatal

How Not to Kill Your Startup

Would I Ride Into Startup Battle With You?

I am a veteran of the startup wars. I was on the front lines of the PC revolution in the 1980’s, fought in the multimedia skirmishes in the 1990’s, and commanded fearless troops in the first Internet invasion. I have been in more startup battles than I can count, some on the losing side. Every …

Framework for Paying Startup Team Contributors in Stock

When Your Startup is Fundable but You Aren’t

You may have heard that the most important criteria of investors is the founder and team. They bet on the jockey, not on the horse. Startup success is more about execution, less about great new products and untapped markets. What happens when investors like your venture but are leery about investing in YOU? I’ve been there. …

Most Common Follies of First-Time Founders

So much has to go right for a startup to survive and thrive, it’s wise to know the most common, avoidable mistakes, made by first-time founders. Many first-time founders don’t know what they don’t know. Others are told, but they just don’t want to hear it and fumble. They lack the good sense needed to …

Anticipating the Dreaded Three D’s that Derail Startup Founders and Business Owners

What to Look for in Job Candidates When Hiring for Your Startup

Startup Waze: Peer Groups for Smart Entrepreneurs

What Every Startup Founder Can Learn from The Music Legend Prince

The Problem of Founder / Owner Replication

What happens if the founder gets hit by a bus? This is a question prospective investors and board members sometimes ask themselves behind closed doors. The problem of founder/owner replication is often the gating issue to making an investment, or performing one’s fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders if serving as a director or advisor to a …

Navigating Conflicting Advice from Startup Mentors & Business Advisors

Increase the Value of Your Professional Network by 10X

Your professional network is one of your most valuable assets. Those in your network provide you with ideas, knowledge, skills, feedback, referrals and new business. Your network puts YOU on steroids — allows you to perform faster and better. Your professional reputation, effectiveness and ultimate worth, are directly proportionate to the value of your network. …

How to Tell an Entrepreneur from a Wannapreneur

There are a lot of people running around these days calling themselves entrepreneurs. They introduce themselves as such at networking events. They include the title in their social media profiles. Some even put it on their business card and email signature line. Many of these people are not actual entrepreneurs, they are wannapreneurs. How can …