The Heart of the Start: Falling in Love with the Right Idea

Most people want to have their own business but are paralyzed by fear of failure. They can all tell you why they want to have a business — control, wealth, purposeful work. Thousands of books and seminars teach people what kind of business to start, where to start, when to start and how to start. Colleges and universities have entire schools of entrepreneurship to …

Admit It, You Don’t Have a Clue What You’re Doing

no clue

10 Guiding Principles for a Healthy and Sustainable Startup Community

The Power of Trusted Relationships (Podcast)

In this Podcast I share the most traumatic and defining moment of my life as an entrepreneur, employer, friend and father. Hadn’t thought about it in many years, but it came out in this interview and I thought it was worth sharing with you. Some other tips as well for all of you aspiring entrepreneurs. …