Startup 2020: Step 1, Validate the Idea

Thinking about starting a company this year? Awesome! There’s never been a better time. The economy is booming, capital is plentiful and cheap, and there are many unfilled market gaps. Over the next series of posts I will outline the process, step-by-step. Step 1: Validate the Idea “Here’s the difference between a visionary and an entrepreneur. Both have visions, which […]

What’s the Risk Someone Will Steal Your Startup Idea?

Of all the things aspiring entrepreneurs have to worry about, the one that seems to worry them the most is someone stealing their idea. It’s an understandable but largely unfounded fear. After all, if it is truly a great idea, then everyone will want it. It’s a sure bet, a big money-maker. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs and would-be competitors alike will certainly […]

What Does It Mean to Get a Good Opportunity?

The Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” It’s another way of saying we make our own luck. What surprises me is how many people prepare and prepare and prepare….and wait and wait…for the “right” opportunity. They wouldn’t recognize a good opportunity if it slapped them in the face. And then there are those people […]

19 Startup Lessons from 19 Years Working with Startups

Today marks the 19th anniversary of my company, That’s a lot of chapters…a lot of lessons. Figured I would share a few. It’s Friday, I’m celebrating with a glass of wine and reminiscing. Grab a glass and join me. (Thank you, BTW, to all my friends, colleagues and connections that sent me a congrats note here on Linkedin.) I […]

Starting a Business Anyway – Paradoxical Commandments of Startups

There are always more reasons not to start a business than to start one. Start a business anyway. ————————————– Your co-founders will not be perfect and will give you pause to believe in them. Believe in your co-founders anyway. ————————————— People will say your idea will never work. Make your idea work anyway. —————————————- Bankers will caution you not to […]

Is Your Idea Any Good for a Business?

Last night I had the opportunity to facilitate an Ideation Bootcamp for the newFort Lauderdale-Boca Chapter of the Founder Institute. I am proud to be a graduate of the Seattle chapter and led the effort to organize a chapter in Tampa-St. Pete in 2012 (with moderate success). The highlight of the workshop is listening to prospective founders pitch their ideas. […]

Who Wants to Disrupt a $20B Industry?

Every year about 43 million Americans move and spend more than $20B. Chances are you have moved and know what a hassle it can be. Unlike most industries that have been made more efficient and accountable to consumers because of the internet and mobile devices, the moving and storage industry has not changed one iota. It’s still an old-school process […]