There are always more reasons not to start a business than to start one.

Start a business anyway.


Your co-founders will not be perfect and will give you pause to believe in them.

Believe in your co-founders anyway.


People will say your idea will never work.

Make your idea work anyway.


Bankers will caution you not to invest everything in your startup.

Invest everything in your startup anyway.


Lawyers will advise you not to give a personal guarantee to secure a lease, buy equipment, inventory, or other assets.

Give a personal guarantee anyway.


Investors will question whether you have what it takes to lead the company.

Show them you will learn and do what it takes to lead the company anyway.


Competitors will threaten to squash you.

Dare them to squash you anyway.


Customers will challenge you to compel them to switch to your solution.

Compel them to switch to your solution anyway.


Employees will doubt you’ll have their backs and protect their interests.

Have their backs and protect their interests anyway.


The world believes it can not be changed by your startup.

Change the world anyway.


Inspired by The Paradoxical Commandments

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