We are a Members-Only Community catering to serious startups and their founders. We also welcome investors and advisors who wish to join and contribute to the community. We are celebrating our 21st year as one of the first sites on the internet dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs. Over the years we have assisted more than 25,000 startups with formation, launch, funding, partnerships and operations. 

You can find a TON of free content for startups on the Internet, but you won’t find the type of high-quality, curated content, community and resources we offer. Our focus is on informed feedback, networking, and actionable resources. This includes super useful templates and publications for DOERS. It also includes one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and investors — and making valuable introductions when appropriate, for ACHIEVERS.

We have been there-done that! We understand all of the many, diverse, complex issues and challenges faced by startups. It’s a daunting process to execute on an idea, attract financing, and build a company from scratch. That’s why most startups fail — too many things have to get done and come together to build, launch and grow. Our goal is to give you an edge — a leg up. We have assembled here almost everything you need:

  • Templates, forms, agreements
  • Tools, software, services
  • How-to publications
  • Best practices articles and links
  • Startup mentors and professional advisors
  • Introductions to prospective investors and partners
  • Community and collaboration with other startup founders

Learn more about Mike O’Donnell, StartupBiz.com Curator, and our extensive network of successful entrepreneurs, investors and professional advisors.


It’s not about the idea, it’s about how well you execute on it.

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