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What We Do

We help start, finance, and grow scalable companies, primarily tech-related businesses. We also work with entrepreneurs and business executives who want to grow their companies by acquiring other companies and / or assets.

Our “secret sauce” is a trusted relationship with our clients as an advisor, confidant and licensed intermediary, using a proprietary system perfected over many years of experience. We’ve been on all sides of the transaction as venture-backed entrepreneurs, angel/VC investors, business buyers and business sellers. We are licensed M&A intermediaries with an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs, investors, business buyers, business sellers and professional advisors.

If you are interested in starting or buying your dream business – or you are looking to grow your company by acquiring new product lines and teams – please reach out to us. We have the know-how, systems and connections to help you achieve your objectives.

Who We Are


Entrepreneur and early-stage company director, mentor, advisor, and investor with expertise in starting and building technology companies backed by angel investors and venture capital. Mike has raised more than $50M in venture financing. He acquired companies as a CEO. He has sold several of his own companies and is affiliated with VR, the business brokerage and M&A advisory firm that has sold more businesses in the world than anyone.

Co-founded Data Technologies (merged w/IPS), founded Ask-Me Multimedia (acquired by Midisoft), (ongoing), Interstate Lotto, Leaves, Inc., and several other companies. On the launch teams of CompuServe Sprynet, one of the first national Internet Service Providers (went public as part of CompuServe in 1996), and Design Intelligence (acquired by Microsoft).

Summary of my journey as an entrepreneur/business owner:

  • Started, built and sold several tech companies.
  • On the launch team of several startups that were acquired or went public.
  • Pioneer and disruptor of entire industries.
  • Raised millions $$$ in angel and venture capital.
  • Recruited and led high-performing teams; instituted scalable processes.
  • Developed trusting relationships with other pioneers and industry executives.

Summary of my journey as a startup business advisor/investor:

  • Launched one of the first web sites for entrepreneurs in 1997.
  • Chaired one of the largest non-profit entrepreneur associations in the United States.
  • Ran a startup accelerator, a federally-funded entrepreneurial training program, and a venture capital fund/company builder.
  • Invested in dozens of startup companies and advised their founders.
  • Best-selling author/blogger on startup best practices.
  • Judged countless pitch competitions; speaker/panelist/mentor for numerous entrepreneurial programs.

Advisory Experience

Startup Advisor/Mentor

  • Chairman, Northwest Entrepreneurs Network, Seattle
  • Managing Director, The Founder Institute, Tampa
  • Regional Project Manager, Startup Quest, South Florida
  • Executive Managing Director, Thesis Ventures, Fort Lauderdale


  • A True Professional: 6 Universal and Timeless Qualities, 30 Specific Behaviors, 2017
  • StartupNOW Business Planning Workbook, CareerSource Broward, 2016-17
  • Writing Business Plans That Get Results, Contemporary Books, 1991
  • The Business Plan: A State of the Art Guide, Lord Publishing, 1987
  • The Marketing Plan: Step-by-Step, Center for Innovation, 1986-2006
  • The Startup Resource Guide,, 2016
  • The Five Star Startup,, 2016
  • Numerous White Papers and Articles, 2001-2017


  • Code for Fort Lauderdale
  • UberPITCH Miami
  • Gold Coast Venture Capital Association
  • Healthbox
  • FundingPost
  • UnPitch
  • Pitch 6
  • Keiretsu Forum
  • Entrepreneur University
  • Early-Stage Investor Forum
  • MIT Forum
  • TiE Seattle
  • Money Hunt TV Show
  • The Founder Institute
  • Startup Quest
  • ….many others


Startup jack of all trades and a master of most.
  • founder/team assessment, team building
  • startup/strategy evaluation (how good is the opportunity?)
  • startup funding, investment valuation and terms
  • buying a business or franchise
  • packaging and selling a business

We Gladly Compensate for Qualified Referrals


“Mike O’Donnell is a master of his craft. His depth and breadth of knowledge for startup business is unequaled in my experience. Working with him daily continued to show that Mike is flexible, knowledgeable, and broad based. His work ethic is at the top of the scale … never stopping until the job is done … and then implements continuous process improvement. A great attribute is the calm and steady way that he approaches any task” ~ Jack Moss, Senior Executive, CareerSource Broward Startup Quest

“We already represent a lot of main street businesses. It’s a natural extension of our practice to represent the growing number of tech-oriented businesses – and Michael O’Donnell is perfect to lead that part of our practice.”Lilia Berezkina, Owner/Broker, VR Boca Raton

“More-and-more of the companies that will drive the local economy will be tech-related businesses. We have a growing number of members and sponsors who want to invest in those companies. Having someone like Mike who knows how to help them grow through acquisition, and provide for a successful exit, is critical to having more successes and recycling those returns into more good companies.”Bob Fitts, Founder/Producer of Startup Expo (SUP-X) and President of Gold Coast Angels