What’s the Risk Someone Will Steal Your Startup Idea?

Of all the things aspiring entrepreneurs have to worry about, the one that seems to worry them the most is someone stealing their idea. It’s an understandable but largely unfounded fear. After all, if it is truly a great idea, then everyone will want it. It’s a sure bet, a big money-maker. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs and would-be competitors alike will certainly […]

The Two Most Important Factors in Building a Sustainable Business and Maximizing Valuation at Exit

There is no lack of startup business models. My friend and colleague, Dave Parker, writes about business models and their trade-offs. He taught me most of what I know about choosing the right model. In fact, it wasn’t until I took his course at The Founder Institute(Seattle) that I realized I spent 10-years of my life building a business that had a […]